Wine and Cider Making

In short, our winemaking is very simple and it all starts in the vineyard.  Good quality fruit, picked at flavor ripeness, is fermented and gently cared for, with minimal intervention , through its journey from vineyard/orchard to bottle.


For wine & cider geeks read on for more….

Where practicable biodynamic practices are used in the winery.  What does this mean?

1.       We pick our grapes, apples & pears according to moon phase.

2.       Natural yeast is used to conduct all of our fermentations.

3.       To avoid the use of artificial yeast supplements, all fermentations are conducted with a high  percentage of juice solids.

4.       All wines and ciders are racked on moon phase when the moon is in opposition.  This greatly reduces reliance on filtration. So much so that our red wines are only minimally filtered, if in fact at all.

5.       Our white wines do not undergo cold stabilization to remove potassium bitartrate (wine diamonds) so our white and rose wines may produce a harmless crystalline deposit.  Not only do you get a drink but we also feed you!

6.      Our cider is made from 100% cider apples across nine different varieties:  Sweet Alford,   Kingston Black, Bulmers Norman, Somerset Red Streak, Improved Foxwelp, Michelin, Dabinett, Stoke Red, & Yarlington Mill.


The only oak barrels used at Bress are 300L Hogsheads and include the following:

  • Chardonnay – Marsanny, Dargaud et Jaegle and Siruge
  • Pinot Noir – Francois Freres, Dargaud et Jaegle and Siruge
  • Caberent Sauvignon – Bousset and Dargaud et Jaegle
  • Cider – We use more than 6 year old oak on our more tannic apple varieties such as Bulmers Norman and Kingston Black

All wines are bottled at the winery using a portable bottling line.