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Bress 2015 Le Grand Coq Noir Macedon Chardonnay



Extremely limited availability – only 1 barrel produced

This Chardonnay was grown at the majestic Mount Gisborne vineyard.  The vineyard’s majesty is the result of the hard work of the original owners, David and Mary Ell, who were fastidious in their attention to every detail in the management of the vineyard.  This 2015 Chardonnay was the 35th vintage that David and Mary have produced and it is these old vines that can confer such power and intensity of flavour.

The old vines are caned pruned and habitually produce crops of less than 1.5 tonnes to the acre.  It is this low-cropped fruit that has, in large part, produced such a full flavoured wine.  The 2015 vintage can be characterised as a cooler than usual year which are the vintages that excited us the most for there is abundant natural acidity and not large amounts of sugar.  Accordingly we are in a position to craft elegant wines with finesse conferred by natural acidity and an alcohol level that is not intrusive.

The fruit was whole bunch pressed directly into two brand new Dargaud –Jaegele Hogsheads.  Fermentation was conducted on 100% solids using only indigenous yeast and the wine subsequently underwent a large proportion of malolactic fermentation.  The wine was left on lees for 16 months and racked under gravity.  The wine was bottled un-fined, with gentle filtering to ensure maximum retention of the flavours inherent in this wine.

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