Our First Vineyard Report of 2019

Our First Vineyard Report of 2019

During the first week of January, Chris and I visited all of our vineyards – here are our observations.

Heathcote for Shiraz 

Dead Horse and Farmer Smith’s vineyards: Both vineyards are carrying, we believe, 10% less fruit than last year. We also found a low percentage (10-15%) of shoots with fewer than eight leaves. We asked both vineyards to remove the bunches from these shoots, for there isn’t the leaf area to ripen the fruit. So far very pleasing. 8/10

Faraday for Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir

The vines have very good crop-load-to-leaf ratios, which will ensure even ripeness, and these vineyards have a good water supply, so we are very excited. 8.5/10

Macedon for Pinot Noir 

Very tall canopies and we believe that the crop is down about 10% just like Heathcote – conceivably, the nature of the year. With such a big metaphoric sail area, this fruit will ripen beautifully. 9/10

A Pinot Noir bunch about to start verasion, that is changing colour from green to black.

 Yarra Valley for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir 

Our first disaster for the year! “Why?” you ask. Deer, bloody Samba deer got into the vineyard and ate the growing shoots of the Chardonnay and the crop is essentially gone. The Pinot Noir has not had shoot-thinning and there is some crowding in the canopy but given these hot windy days, this will act as a protector of the fruit held within. 8/10

Bress Harcourt vineyard for Riesling, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz 

Big crops this year and Brendan and Chris have worked tirelessly to whip this vineyard into the best shape we’ve seen it in. 8/10

So, in short, we have some great toys coming in to play with.

– Adam & Chris

Looking at Chardonnay and we saw this beautiful wedge tail eagle.  Try and spot it.