The Philosophies

The Bress Philosophy

We embrace a philosophy of ‘enjoying simple pleasures’ through the offering of a range of high quality products and genuine experiences


What are ‘Simple Pleasures’ according to Bress?

  • We craft quality wine and cider that is made simply – high quality fruit, picked at flavour ripeness, fermented and gently cared for, with minimal intervention
  • We believe winemaking is an art not a science.  We blend to taste, not to a formula.
  • We enjoy sharing a meal with family and friends
  • We understand and eat with the seasons
  • We grow our own produce and cook food that respects the simplicity of the ingredients and nourishes the soul
  • We love to play and have fun
  • We enjoy sharing our passion and our knowledge
  • We advocate being in the moment and enjoying nature and the environment
Philosophy of Appellation

We, like the French, clearly believe that certain grape growing regions are better suited to particular grape varieties than others.   The French have understood this for several centuries and some Australian wine producers and growers are now embracing this belief.

Bress is one such producer.   We produce wines from several notable grape growing regions throughout Victoria including Macedon, Bendigo, Heathcote and the Yarra Valley.

Understand growing seasons and eat well.

Throughout the world the four seasons have traditionally had a sizeable impact on how we grow the majority of our food. However, with the advent of broad acre farming, the use of chemicals and growth hormones to promote crop size and ripening, refrigeration and international shipping, the reliance on seasonality is being eroded. We believe that this modernisation of food is not a healthy thing and we promote and embrace eating foods that are grown or harvested fresh, according to seasons.

Have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously.

A fundamental tenet at Bress! We like to think that we do things well and take pride in that but we don’t get too carried away with ourselves in the process. We are very open to questions from visitors to Cellar Door and are always happy to provide an explanation and assist those who take an interest in what we do.

To farm in a sustainable manner that is environmentally sound

Adam P. Marks

For over eight years we have employed sustainable farming practices which have resulted in a marked improvement in all of our crops – grapes, apples and the vegetables from our Kitchen and Market Gardens.